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“We gave Shannon some general guidelines and she created a beautiful outdoor space for us. Given that we are not big plant experts, we trusted her recommendations. 10 out of 10.”
– Client Rita Hill, Sellwood, OR

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“I highly recommend Shannon Keaveny.  She is currently re-designing our backyard as well as a plan for our front yard come spring.  I have loved the ideas she has come up with and she has been great at working with the limitations of the space and lie of the land as well as our budget. It has been very enjoyable to work with her.

Her rates are also very reasonable compared with two other quotes I got. 

She studied landscape design at PCC. From what I understand, there are no qualifications required to set up a landscape design company, so if that counts to you, then she has the training.

I find her very knowledgeable with a great eye for the potential of a space. When we were looking for someone, I liked her because she described her goal as creating outdoor spaces that you would love living in as much as your living room.”   – Helen Spieth, client Mount Tabor area