Shannon Keaveny Landscape Design, LLC | Creative, Sustainable Solutions for Outdoor Spaces



Landscape Consultation:

An initial meeting, up to 2 hours, where I look at your property and discuss the scope of the project. Usually, by the end of this meeting, we will come up with a game plan of how to proceed with your landscape design needs and some concrete ideas.

Landscape Design:

Landscape Design is the design of exterior spaces. It not only includes plants, but hardscape – patios, paths, decks, children’s playhouses/spaces, sheds, pergolas, arbors, art studios – anything you could possibly have outside. I also help clients source/procure plants, furniture, fireplaces, textiles and art pieces. A typical landscape design costs between $900-$1500. A typical install of a landscape design is between $10,000-$40,000.

I usually work with design clients in two ways, depending on the site.

Landscape Enhancement is a process I use for smaller design needs. It is sort of like giving your landscape a facelift. We will often create a plant list, a plan for moving plants around or getting rid of them. We also come up with smaller landscape design projects, to enhance your already existing landscaped site. Some examples, are designing a new path, a patio,  and adding pots or art to your landscape.

Full-scale Landscape Design is a three-fold process that includes an initial meeting with my client, a follow-up meeting where we look at a concept plan, and finally a full-scale planting plan, including any hardscape or other site features. This landscape design is contractor-ready for obtaining bids. It also includes a plant list.

Fine Gardening: Fine Gardening is landscape maintenance that is  personal and detailed-oriented with a strong horticultural base, and an artistic sense.  In my business, I use organic practices for property management and believe in building soil health for an overall landscape health. I also believe proper and knowledgeable landscape maintenance is huge part of the success of a landscape design. I offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and on-call plans.

Project Management: A service where I offer to help organize your design project after we are finished with the design process. This includes procuring/placing plants as well as helping you get prices from contractors and other professionals in our community.